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All About PhD By Dr Ritika Gauba

Our YouTube Channel – “All About PhD by Dr Ritika Gauba (@drritikagauba) was launched almost a year ago. The channel is dedicated to providing genuine, in-depth and well researched information about all aspects of PhD. The channel has close to 70 long video and more than 4000 subscribers already. The growth of the channel is completely organic with zero promotion. In the channel we talk about importance of PhD, provide information about various regulation & policies related to research in India. Besides this the channel also provides guidance about the PhD policies of various intuitions like IIT, IIM, IISc & so on.

Very Recently the channel has also started discussing information relevant for pursuing International PhD. For example  we have dedicated videos on GMAT & GRE exams . Scores of  both these exams are often asked by International universities .

In addition to talking about PhD , this channel also addresses issues related to UGC NET , JRF , Post Doctorate, assistant Professorship & so on.

Catch a glimpse of some of our most popular video & do subscribe to our channel @drritikagauba for genuine, well researched PhD information.