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One to One Mentoring Session for Individual PhD Aspirants

Every PhD aspirant has different requirements & goals. Dr Ritika Gauba & team after understanding each individual student’s requirements , qualifications & future goals will provides them with one to one mentoring & guidance services.

In these multiple PhD guidance sessions – the aspirants are taught about important aspects of PhD admission preparation.

1. The sessions start with Explaining the meaning of research, what a PhD is , what are the kinds of institutes, what happens in a PhD program and also about all important PHD regulations by UGC, The purpose is to empower students with the correct knowledge about PhD so that they can take an informed decision about PhD.

2. After this once the student is sure about pursuing a PhD they are further guided about how to read research papers, from where to find them, identification of Research Topics .

3. Guidance on writing of SOP followed by checking & refining of SOP written by the aspirant .

4. Guidance on how to write an RP + checking of RP .

5. Students are also suggested suitable universities & institutions to apply for and off course preparation for PhD Viva is also an important part of the preparation.

In total 6 sessions are designed to help a student prepare for their dream PhD institute.

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