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Every PhD aspirant has different requirements & goals. Dr Ritika Gauba & team after understanding each individual student’s requirements, qualifications & future goals will provide them with one-to-one mentoring & guidance services. In total 6 different sessions are conducted covering every aspect of your PhD admission journey.

For more information about one-to-one mentoring & brochure visit One to One Monitoring.

Yes, preparation is required for applying in a PhD program. Majority universities & institutions ask for an SOP or Research Proposal along with your PhD application. You are also required to have some idea about the topic on which you propose to do a PhD. All these things require prior preparation.

PhD preparation requires time and commitment specially if you are planning to apply in one of the top-ranking institutes. However somewhere between 6 to 3 months is a good time to prepare for your PhD admission journey.

Yes. The speciality of these sessions is that they are one on one

After the first session the student decides how they want to span the sessions, depending on how soon they are able to finish the task allotted to them after each session. There are students who are comfortable with weekly sessions while there are others who prefer to take one session every two months. So, it totally depends on the aspirant's comfort.

They are conducted online over video conferencing. The link of the session is shared by us prior to the session.

Being one on one sessions. They are held at a time and day convenient to both the mentor & the mentee. 

You can watch our videos – Student Testimonials & also read some of the reviews.

To read more reviews you can also visit our Google Business page. 

As per UGC PhD regulations of 2022, working professionals are allowed to pursue a part time PhD in India. Yes, we will be able to guide you in fact majority of our students are working professionals aspiring to pursue a Part time PhD. Many of our working students have already secured admission in the part time PhD programme of IIM & IIT. See the success stories of ZPTC

You can reach us on WhatsApp on the number 9821101125 for further registrations details.